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What Is Masseter Botox (Jaw Botox)?

The growth of the masseter muscle to the extent it is visible to be seen from the outside, known as the strong chewing muscle on the side of the jaw area, is called masseter growth.
This application, also known as jaw botox, is the treatment of deformities in the lower part of the face.

Why Is Masseter Botox (Jaw Botox) Performed?

The growth of the masseter muscle is not a problem in terms of function. However, this abnormal growth can be visually disturbing. In such cases, the jaw expands to the sides and your face shape starts to resemble a square. This situation poses a problem especially for women.

Abnormal growth of the masseter muscle causes problems such as grinding or clenching teeth in sleep as well as problems as appearance. It is necessary to get rid of this condition that causes both pain and damage to the teeth.

Masseter botox is a method developed to eliminate such problems.

How Is Masseter Botox Performed?

In the application of jaw botox, botox is injected into the masseter muscle. During the procedure, the individual does not feel any pain. Before the application, the area is usually anesthetized with anesthetic cream. After the procedure, the person can return to his/her daily life.


What Is Lip Filling?

Lip filling is an aesthetic procedure to have fuller and shaped lips. Lip operation, attractive and full lips compatible with face, gums and teeth have an important place in smile aesthetics.
Restoring lip fullness that decreases with age and having fuller lips provide an aesthetically better appearance.
While performing the operation, attention is paid to harmony with smile aesthetics and facial aesthetics.
Filling process takes approximately 20-30 minutes and you can return to daily life immediately after treatment. In the first 2 days, there is a slight oedema on the lip, but the person can continue his/her daily life.


What is Gummy Smile Botox?

While smiling, laughing, some of us can cover our mouths with our hands. This is mostly due to a gingival smile. In other words, it is the appearance of the gums on the teeth while the person is smiling. This is an important problem that disrupts smile aesthetics and causes lack of self-confidence in some people.
The appearance of gums while laughing is usually due to hyperactive muscles that work too much. These muscles lift the upper lip too high. These overworked muscles can be prevented with botox application. Thus, excessive movements of the upper lip are prevented while laughing.
This condition, called gum smile, can be prevented with the botox application called gummy smile. Thus, more confident and confident smiles are achieved.

What Are The Reasons for Gummy Smile?

• Upper lip muscle has a width of motion above normal,
• The upper lip is thinner than normal,
• The size of the teeth is small,
• Growth of the upper jaw in the vertical direction,
• Excessive bone growth in the outer part of the upper jaw,
• Inflammation due to gum diseases,
• Gingival enlargement due to cyclosporine and some hypertensive drugs.

How Is Gummy Smile Botox Performed?

Gummy smile botox is a procedure applied to the sides of the nose wings. Local anesthetic cream is applied to this area before application and kept creamed. Then, sterilization is performed and the application process is started. Generally, 2 injection points are sufficient. Pain is minimal as very thin tipped phantom needle tips will be used.

Each botox application is effective until a certain time. It is necessary to apply this application at regular intervals. The average time for gummy smile botox is about 4 months. However, it varies from person to person. The permanence of the botox procedure is between 4-6 months. It is recommended to continue injections to maintain the effect.

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